Google acquiesces to settling outside court for the Pixel Class Action Lawsuit

Recently, Google had conceded to settle a class action lawsuit. This lawsuit had accused the smartphone giant of deliberately selling defective Pixel handsets to their customers. In the case that this lawsuit was approved, Google would have to compensate their buyers for up to $500, and the total cost to the company would amount to a whopping $7.25 million.


This allegation was formed mainly out of a known spotty audio performance in the original generation Pixel models, the 2017 Pixel and the Pixel XL. It is believed that these were sold by Google knowing that these products had a “hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec” as revealed in a report.

Although the company had replaced a few handsets which were still under warranty, unfortunately, they had done so with similarly faulty handsets. Google also admitted to trying to repair this soldering issue sometimes through the defected Pixel’s lifecycle. But, here is the catch.

Those buyers who had attempted to exchange their faulty unit for another faulty one are the people benefiting the most. They will receive $500. Adding to this, those who received a properly functioning unit would receive $350. Those who had bought the first generation will merely receive $20, whereas those who made the smart move of paying an insurance deductible for Pixel replacement would be able to receive the full cost.

It is normal if you and other buys might question the reliability of future hardware quality of products released on behalf of Google. A similar dispute had happened with the preceding Nexus 6P. With the complaints on the reliability of the Pixel 2 XL and 3 XL, there are bound to be future issues regarding this brand. If you are waiting for a refund, will have to sadly sign up for the settlement being approved in June.