Gmail’s Major Update is Now Live

Gmail is world’s most popular email service which is launched by Google. Earlier this month, Google has announced the major update to its Gmail service. The Gmail service comes with tons of new feature which includes email snoozing, nudging, confidential mode and much more.


Google has started rolling out this upgraded interface along with its new features. However, the new Gmail service can be accessed through web browsers which include Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Users who use Gmail app on their Android smartphones will not see this new changes, as this new Gmail service is still available for the web users.

“Google’s redesign was done with an eye on making people safer and more productive,” said by Jacob Bank, lead product manager for Gmail.

Top Five Features of Gmail:

1. Confidential Mode:

Confidential Mode is one of the biggest change in the update of Gmail service. This mode will allow users to protect their emails from being misused by others. With this mode, a user can set an expiry date for each message. Also, users can set extra security for their emails by linking them with a pin or password.

Additionally, a user can revoke a sent mail, which will be unavailable for a recipient to read that mail. Moreover, once the message sent in Confidential mode then it cannot be download, copied or forward by a recipient. Also, users can set a password option for sending sensitive information.

2. Two-factor authentication:

Google is offering two-factor authentication for security purpose, where Gmail users must have to verify their emails after typing their password. This feature is designed to protect users Gmail account. Users can send an sensitive information via email that requires a security code to access it. Gmail will directly send the code to recipients phone, which will be required to open the email.

3. Smart Reply:

Users who use Gmail app for smartphone must be familiar with the smart reply feature. However, the feature of new Gmail will suggest you quick suggestion which can be used to send the emails to the recipient. It is very easy to use, you just need to touch the suggestion and it will save your unnecessary time for sending an email.

4. Nudging and Snoozing:

It is possible to miss important emails who receive a number of emails in a day. So Google has introduced a new nudging feature which ensures that your high-priority emails to be never sent to the bottom of the inbox. This feature is developed by Google using artificial intelligence programme. However, it scans your emails and finds the high-priority emails, then pins those emails to the top of the inbox.

Google also introduced a new Snoozing feature which is similar to an alarm clock. Users can snooze their emails as per their need.  For snoozing, just select snooze option and set the suitable time or date when you can reply to that emails. If a user has an important email in an inbox and has no time to respond it, then this snoozing feature will help a lot.


5. Native Offline Support:

Native offline support feature allows you to search, delete, write and archive emails up to 90 messages. This feature even works well if the user is not connected to internet or wifi connectivity. This offline support feature will be available for all users in coming weeks.