Get ready and used to seeing ads on Google Discover

Google made the news the other day, and although not especially remarkable or surprising to its audience, the company revealed that Google Discover would soon be home to a few advertisements. If you were unaware, Google Discover is, given by the name, is an apt replacement for the earlier Google Feed. In other words, it is the page that appears left of the home screens on Android phones.


To prevent confusion, a green tag with ‘ad’ will be present to differentiate advertisements from other kinds of content. They’re aiming to name these promotional popups as ‘Discovery ads’. Now, although they are given this name, they are not only going to be limited to the Discover tab. Contrarily, they will also appear on other Google products of applications, in the case of Google search, YouTube, Gmail, and other social tabs.

This feature, per se, is not something a lot of users look forward to. It is unnecessary and tends to waste time in most cases. At the same time, it is not very surprising that Google felt the need to do so. Advertising is a way for Google to earn their daily bread, and incorporating newer approaches to feature advertisements are a means of their course of action as well.


We do have some temporary respite, however, as these advertisements will only be available to marketers only later this year. So, there is a little time before they begin to take place on your feed.