GameEon coming up with New FPS Game : Special Ops

The Google Play Store is having thousands of Games available for users to install and play them. There are lots of amazing game and even more than that are clone of top downloaded games, but the developers at GameEon thinks to make an ambitious Game in FPS genre and they are almost done with it. GameEon developers are working on new FPS (First Person Shooter) Game named as Special Ops.


The company which started as small group of students with founders Nikhil Malankar and Prasad Kajarekar is now planning to do something big in the year 2015.  After launching 16 games they are planning to come up with something big and it is Special Ops. The Special Ops is a first person shooter game and has loads of customization options right from upgradable attributes like health, armor, running speed etc. The best part about this game will be the story line, says Nikhil Malankar, Founder of GameEon.

Special Ops is the story of Robert Cain, a special forces officer, who loses his team members on a secret mission and it is up to him to rebuild his team for completing his assignment only to later discover the dark secret of his higher authorities which led to the death of his former team members. The game starts with an explosion in which all the team mates of Robert Cain die and he’s the sole survivor in that incident. The developers have released the first look of Robert Cain recently on Special Ops Facebook Page and it is shown below.


A character can equip 5 weapons at a time. These weapons will be available in sets. The developers have also released the first Weapon Set which looks like this. The weapons included in first weapon set are SPAS 12, Ingram MAC-11, AKMS and Tokyo Marui SPAS 12.

The Game Special Ops will be released as a Single Player Game and later in the month of February the Multiplayer update will come. The game is expected to release about 23rd January 2015 and the team is also planning a PC release in the month of February once they are done with the multiplayer aspect. And also console release about 6-8 months down the lane.

Stay in Tune to get more info about the GameEon new production : Special Ops