Free Streaming Service ‘Flipkart Videos’ Rolling Out for Some Android Users

Flipkart videos, a free video streaming platform was announced to be launched over a week ago. Flipkart the E-Commerce firm started rolling out Flipkart videos service for the Android app users. Although, this service is only available for a few users, and it is yet to roll out in public scale later on. There is no news about this service being roll-out to the iOS users. Flipkart is partnering with several contain producers and media houses such as Dice Media, Viu, Voot and Arre. 


Currently, these partners are available for the portfolio of curated video content in the Flipkart platform. Initially, Flipkart is not offering any original contents, which is being offered on Netflix and Amazon prime videos. But it is expected for the Flipkart videos to offer original contents in the near future. Video streaming service is available via the main Flipkart shopping application. Although Flipkart will soon launch a dedicated application for video streaming services soon.

Krishnamurthy of Flipkart announced video streaming service known as Flipkart videos last week. He said that the service will provide several entertainment programs, movies, and shows. Each and every content is mainly focused on India, so you will most likely to have different Indian language contents. The basic target is to provide the entertainment in The E-Commerce application, this will make the consumer familiarised with the service. 

This will be much easier for those consumers who are family here with E-Commerce but not much with the internet. This is the best way to throw away the anxiety while browsing through online shopping. Flipkart videos will start with the Hindi language contents to start with, although it is not confirmed that another language contains will be available in the near future. They are trying to attract younger customers into Flipkart services, they will most likely enjoy the entertainment services online.