Free Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for Passengers!

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones had a Big hit with its Original Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year with the Exynos 8890 Powerful chipset and a 4 GB of Ram. It even had The Best design of 2016, but then Samsung Couldn’t Enjoy the victory Much longer than they thought and That’s when most various online users were claiming to have the battery issues made so many videos of it with Causing Fire and Explosions.


Then the Whole internet took it to another level which started from Memes and Mockery! Soon Samsung promised to Investigate the Reports around the Note 7 issues and Even Recalled the Phones off. Then even airports and Airplanes started Banning the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The whole Scenario has caused Much Frustration to Samsung users, Especially for People who travel a lot and owned a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. They Had to exchange their Smartphone with Samsung and Get a Replacement phone or The refund for it instead. It had such a Negative Publicity.

What Samsung PR Agency did this month on a Flight to Spain would Shock you. The Company Handed Out over 200 Free Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Smartphones Packed and sealed in the Retail Boxes for all Passengers traveling to Spain. The Fresh New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was Distributed on a Flight operated by Iberia Airlines which is between Madrid to A Coruna, Galicia.

All of these Special Boxes were carrying a message which is written in Spanish. The Spanish Message is being translated to as “A year ago we asked you to turn it off, Now we Welcome you with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on the Board” Last year Samsung had to recall around 2.5 Million Units with Shipping costs and It cost them approximately 17 Billion USD. Which is very Huge for any company till now when doing the recall.

Also, Samsung Claimed that the New Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Smartphones had been one of the highest selling Galaxy Note Models they have ever made till now. It has, even more, Better Premium Design, Features, More Stylus Exclusive Features and Compact. The Galaxy Note 8 even has a 6.3-inch Premium Infinity Display and Bixby Voice assistant. The Note 8 is also one of the first phones which comes with the Dual camera smartphones and powerful internals in such a Compact Display.