For public Knowledge: Better Upgrade your WhatsApp for the security compromise discovered

A shocking cybersecurity breach on WhatsApp, Facebook’s messaging app, resulted in several of its users prone to malicious spyware installed on their smartphones. This was admitted in a report by WhatsApp, last Monday. Although they confirmed the event happening, they didn’t shed much light on who had caused it. They only revealed the versions of the app which were possibly most affected. All they suggested to and encouraged their users to do was update their apps, as well as their phones, in order to protect themselves from such attacks on the future. This one was particularly troublesome as it affected both, Android and iOS users. By updating, WhatsApp says, users will get protection from being exploited or having their personal information compromised.


The company revealed that they were “constantly working alongside industry partners” in order to improve and provide the best security to their wide range of users.

A report by the Financial Times stated that it was a loophole on behalf of WhatsApp which enabled attackers to insert spyware on users’ smartphones by calling those particular people. Unfortunately, the code was transmitted whether or not the user answered the call. This report further added that this particular kind of spyware had been developed by NSO Group, an Israeli cyber surveillance company.


In reply to his statement, the NSO Group affirmed that their company’s technology was only allowed for government agencies to fight crime and terror. So, this suggestion on behalf of the Financial Times has no proper standing.