Foldable Smartphones to Come From OPPO and VIVO Soon

Oppo is said to be working on the foldable smartphone which could be seen in near future. The phone will be coming with inward folding design and could be a portless phone in concept. Oppo’s competitor Vivo is also said to be working on the design of the same functionality of inward folding design. The phone is said to be in the development for quite sometime and some of the features that we will be able to see in the foldable phone are under display camera, pressure sensitive buttons on the side.


Some of the foldable phone details have been shared by a tipster on Weibo which is one of the popular social media platforms in China. The tipster mentioned that OPPO is producing two foldable smartphones of 7-inches and 8-inches. The model with 7-inches has reportedly completed its mass production in January and could also be making its debut in the market first and the 8-inch model could be launched later after the launch of 7-inch foldable phone.

As the talks of foldable phone from Oppo is running, there is also a word that Vivo has been working on a similar foldable smartphone. The tipster also mentioned that Vivo is working on an 8-inch foldable smartphone which will also come with 6.5-inch secondary display. The phone could come with inward folding design as we have expected from Oppo. The foldable smartphone is also said to have a display with a higher refresh rate and an impressive dsign.

Oppo has also showcased its prototype of an outward foldable phone in 2019 which was similar to Huawei Mate X. Now the same tipster has shared the details about the Chinese companies launching their foldable phone soon in the market. Follow Above Android

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