Features to Check while Purchasing Men’s Watch

Choosing which watch to buy, at what time to wear, and how to match the clothes is easy enough. Just consider the 6 characteristics listed below:


1. Style

There are several types of men’s watch design, to match every style, occasion need! To facilitate, we will classify into 3 categories: Sports, Modern and Other.

These are digital display models, usually made of rubber. They can have several functions to aid the performance of the athlete. They do not fit well for day-to-day unless you have a style and function that allows for more stripping.

They can be analog, mechanical or quartz. Omega aqua terra is one best watches. Those manufactured by luxury brands are consumer dreams and status symbols, earning the male heart as much as imported cars. Good for use on special occasions or on a day-to-day basis of high-ranking professionals.

They have creative designs and follow fashion trends. It’s good that you have a more funky style to match the look.

Smartwatches also fit here. These gadgets are becoming more popular lately, but they have a very simple physical design, serving more for their multiple functionalities than for their visuals.

2. Material

The materials of which the watch case and bracelet are made make all the difference in the image they pass, as well as being directly related to the resistance they possess (a topic that we will discuss later). Therefore, this issue needs to be thought out according to the environment to which you are going.

The leather ones are very classic and versatile, with a look taken off in the right measure. But the polyurethane and steel are modern, more casual and do not easily damage. The rubber ones, in turn, are very sporty and also resist well to possible accidents. Finally, the metals used to be associated with the nobility and may be what is missing to compose the clothing in moments of elegance and seriousness.

3. Color

Black, brown, gold and silver are the basic colors of men’s watches. There are other more varied colors but we suggest that anyone who is still learning to use, invest in these four classics to have more security in the choice.

Blacks and browns are the most versatile, combining easily with most clothing and accessories. Therefore, they end up becoming joking pieces and therefore, very used!

Now, if you want to invest in a , watch your wardrobe: the color you have over there will probably be the most used, making the investment worth it. In this sense, the models silver and gold are more exquisite and end up giving a special shine to the look.

4. Size

the bracelets are easily adjustable by removing links (in the case of polyurethane and metal) or creating new holes (in leather). We recommend that these adjustments be made in , so as not to cause damage to your part.

And as already highlighted, not to make ugly, the size of the display needs to be in accordance with its physical size. They are commonly classified in 4 dimensions: small (0mm to 31mm); medium (32mm to 41m); large (42mm to 47mm) and extra large (48mm to 52mm).

5. Function

In addition to showing the timetable, the men’s watches can have several extra functions, called complications. Think about what will be useful you. Among there are chronometer, calendar, compass, barometer, lunar calendar, tide table

even heart rate meter!

6. Resistance

If you are going to a water or impact environment – such as sports, beach walks or a barbecue by the pool – it is always a good idea to consider whether the watch is resistant to such hazards. After all, nobody wants to take the risk of getting hurt, does not it?

Do you feel safe to conquer your self-confidence and style by investing in the most appropriate watch models for your profile? Contact us to find out more details on how we can help you compose a visual much more connected with the trends linked to the use of watches and accessories for man!