FAU-G Teaser Trailer and Launch Timeline Officially Revealed

nCore Games has officially revealed the launch timeline for its upcoming game FAU-G. The publisher has also release a trailer teaser of FAU-G.


nCore in its recent tweet that was revealed on an auspicious occasion of Dussehra with a teaser trailer and revealed that the game will launch in November. The game is also endorsed by one of the leading celebrity Mr Akshay Kumar.

The game is made in keeping the view of Indian Soldiers that were present in the Galwan Valley. Earlier in an interview, Co-Founder of nCore Games Mr Vishal Gondal said that FAU-G will not come with Battle Royale mode at launch. He also said that the game will be a third-person brawler and will not have any guns.

FAU-G release date is yet to be revealed by the publisher of the game nCore Games. The trailer gave a short film of the gameplay and also revealed the timeline of its launch. It showed off amazing graphics and brawler gameplay.

The game was reported to release in October-end when it was announced in September just few days after PUBG was banned in India, making it a better alternative for PUBG

The announcement of FAU-G came after the ban of PUBG Mobile making it an opportunity to explore the market. But, Vishal said that the game was in development long before any decisions were taken on PUBG Ban. He also said that it is not a clone of PUBG. The game will not have Battle Royale mode at launch but will gradually be added later on. The primary gameplay of FAU-G will be as a third-person brawler game which will have a single-player option as well as a cooperative multiplayer option.