Facebook Is Testing 14-Day Expiry for Pending Friend Requests

Nowadays on Facebook, many people receive tons of friend requests from strangers. Usually, most of the users keep their friend list limited to the people. As keeping limited friends on Facebook, the request section looks very cluttered with stranger’s pending requests. Now Facebook is testing 14-day expiry feature, a new way which will help you to reduce all the clutter of pending friend request.


The social media giant Facebook now testing an expiry deadline feature for pending friend requests. This feature was first spotted in Facebook Android app which carries a version With this feature, you now get 14 days to accept or decline a friend request. After 14 days the pending request will automatically delete that means request will not remain in your friend section.

Earlier on Facebook, the pending request lasts for a couple of years until it gets cancel or ignore. But now with the Expiry feature on Facebook, it will help you in cutting down the number of pending requests.

According to Facebook report, now in friend request section, it will show the “number of days to respond” which is seen under each profile name. This number below profile will start to decline and after 14 days the pending friend request will disappear. The company says that once the friend request doesn’t accept and gets expire. Then you are able to send them a friend request if you want. However this new feature is not yet visible to everyone, it may take some time to roll for all users.

As we all know many people have pending request in their profile but many of them decline that request or simply ignore it. You can check the number of pending request just by tapping three lines icon present on the top left side of the app. Now you can choose to accept the request you want or leave them to clear after the expiry date. Do experience this feature and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.