All of The Facebook services Down including WhatsApp and Instagram (Update : All Services are Live)

UPDATE (14th March 2019, 9:30 AM ) :
It has been found that Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are working fine now after of 10 hours


Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Oculus and all other Facebook family of Apps facing downtime right now. While issue started by night 10 PM in India and still some services are facing issues even in the morning.

All the Facebook Family App are not totally down, infact some of the services are working in few apps, while for some other apps complete system is down. The DownDetector helped us a lot to know the situation about all this apps.

Facebook Down

Facebook is also facing issues in India, many users can see the complete blackout while visiting the website. It will have cost tens of millions of dollars in lost revenues for them. It is still not clear why they are facing such downtime. Facebook has refused to give any updates during the process, apart from to make a statement that it is not due to DDOS attacks.

Instagram Down

Instagram is also no different from Facebook or WhatsApp when it comes to a service outage. Many people were not able to see any images or videos neither in the timeline and nor in the stories. Even users are not able to check their own profiles.

WhatsApp Down

WhatsApp has been found facing issues in many parts of the world, But India has suffured mainly. Eariler users were not able to send or recieve messages or media. But now after 10 hours, it is reported that users are able to send and recieve messages but were not able to send media to any one.