Facebook Owns 4 Out of the 5 Most Downloaded Apps of 2019

Recently, global analytics company App Annie released a report called “State of Mobile 2020“. The report summarized the worldwide mobile data which App Annie collected in 2019. The report shared various interesting facts and analyses of the global mobile market which included apps users downloaded the most and which ones they spent the most time and money on.


According to the State of Mobile 2020 report, the Facebook company dominated the market as it had four out of the five apps in the list of most downloaded apps around the world in 2019. Facebook Messenger sealed the first spot followed by Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram at second, third, and fifth, respectively.

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In the top 5 list, TikTok managed to gain the 4th spot, entering into Facebook domination. The major surprise was that a s ingle Google app was not found in the list along with Twitter. The report also generated a list that showed the most downloaded games of 2019. In this list, Free Fire managed to achieve the first spot while the most addictive game of the year PUBG was found second in the list followed by Subway Surfers, Color Bump 3D and Fun Race 3D.


Apart from this, the report also brought various statistics and analysis of mobile user habits and market growth. According to the report, the average person spent 3 hours and 40 minutes on their phone per day last year. There is about 35% increase in average phone usage over the previous two years. 

The report also mentioned one more statistic which said that consumers spent about $120 billion in combined App Store and Play Store purchases in 2019. Mobile game purchases make up nearly three-fourths of that and China leads the sales. Though 2019 was a great year for mobile market growth, App Annie assures that 2020 will be much bigger than 2019.

The App Annie’s State of Mobile 2020 report has several other interesting bits of information. You can view or download the report from the official website