Facebook Messenger on iOS Redesigned to Be Clutter-Free, 2x Faster

Facebook recently redesigned the Messenger app for iOS devices, as it is a part of project lightspeed. They are focusing on making their apps “faster, smaller and simpler”, which will load much faster than the current version of the application. The latest version of the Facebook Messenger for the iOS device is already available on the App Store. 

Currently, the new version is only available in the US region, and it is expected to roll out globally within a few weeks. Although there is no information regarding the similar treatment on the Android version of the Facebook Messenger App. Facebook has officially explained the decision in its official blog post about the design of the Facebook Messenger App. 

Facebook Messenger on iOS Redesigned to Be Clutter-Free, 2x Faster

They have decided to revamp the application as in recent years there have been lots of features that are being dumped on the app. As a result, the app became unstable, which is why it is much needed to make the app faster and responsive. During the process of the Facebook Messenger App, the company engineer has reduced the core code by 84%. 

Previously the code of the Facebook messenger was more than 1.7 million lines, now it is reduced to 3,60,000 lines. They have also rebuilt their app in the new simple infrastructure which will be much fluent to use. Due to the deletion of the massive number of codes, most of the current features of the Facebook messenger will be temporarily unavailable. 

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They are working on reintroducing the old features as soon as possible after the testing phase is completed. It is expected that you will get to enjoy the completely new Facebook Messenger within few weeks. As they are using SQLite along with a service broker which will be helpful in operating the universal gateway of the Messenger.