Facebook is Building an Operating System so it can Ditch Android

Facebook is building and operating system as its hardware like Oculus or argumentative reality classes does not require support from Google. Facebook has handed over the project to the core author of Microsoft Windows NT Mark Lucovsky, as he will be building the operating system with a fresh new start. It is also confirmed that all the Facebook smartphone applications will be available for Android devices even if they have completed their own operating system project. 


The major reason for this move is to provide freedom to Facebook in order to have social integration. It is also meant for providing privacy, which is mainly lacking from the Android operating system. Facebook is also making sure that their roadmap for various gadgets which includes oculus, portal and all the other upcoming devices not to be delayed due to the disagreement between Google and Facebook. 

This could be a great way for Facebook to report all the acquisitions about privacy concerns. It is also expected that Facebook is going for the Instagram trending in order to bring their upcoming augmented reality glasses. Due to this decision, it has also up multiple options for partnership with other companies in order to create a custom operating system basically for augmented reality. 

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Facebook will no longer be depending on other operating systems as they are being set your sleep attacked by the CEO of Apple Tim Cook about the privacy and data collection. They have worked on a secret project which is having codename oxygen circa 2013, this project is having a soul focus on providing Android apps apart from Google Play Store. 


Although that project does not see the light due to the mismanagement and unsure future. They had also teamed up with HTC to have a clone version of the Android device, but due to several popular features missing from that operating system the project was shut down.