Everything You Need to Know about Google LiveCases

Google on Thursday revealed an astonishing product to make the nexus owner even more proud. Now we all know Nexus LineUp is very unique and popular among the Android Community not only because they are backed by Stock Android and comes with Minimum bloat ware possible but also because they get the updates very first!
Google Live Cases are available for Moto Nexus 6, LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P, they are not only limited to these devices but also limited only to the United States. However they’ll be releasing it to other countries really soon!


Kari Clark [Senior Manager, Live Cases] mentioned in a Blog Post that, “Our design studio on the Google Store allows you to personalize your phone case with either your favorite photo or a special place on Google Maps. Then, with dozens of filters, you can make your design fit your style – be it vibrant and bright or polished and chic. Along with your signature case, you get a live wallpaper to bring your design to life on your home screen.”

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How to buy a Custom Live Case?

Head to the official website and there you have a bunch of options for customizing your Case, not only with the design but also with the wallpaper setting and Shortcut button. You can select an existing image or any place from the google map and then you have an option to customize it to whole next level with filters and colors. Well all these are just the first step of customization, once you are done with it you have option of selecting images to make your own slide show. And guess what? All these only for $35, how cheap could it get?

Now if you own a Nexus device just go ahead and book yourself your own Nexus Live Case from here!

For others you’ve got no other option but wait for it be available at your location. I’m pretty sure they start rolling this to the Rest of USA real soon and then to the rest of the world. Till then enjoy this video they rolled out for the Live Case


What are your thoughts about live cases? Is it a gimmick or its worth your $35?