Say No to Pokemon Go with this Chrome Extension : Pokemon No

It has been a week, since the launch of Pokemon Go game in Australia, New Zealand and USA. But people all over the world are installing the APK as a third party application and playing this Game. Pokemon Go have created many records and it is now the most successful game in the United States of America.


Yes, Pokemon Go have made people to come out of their homes and be more social by playing this  game. But it is also true that the internet is now flooded with the updates of the game Pokemon Go. So to stop watching Pokemon from everywhere just install this simple Chrome Extension : Pokemon No and you will be Happy to Live without Pokemon Mentions.

The Pokemon No Extension is created by the developer named Conor Browne. The Extension can be used in your Chrome Books or in Chrome Browsers on any other computer. The Pokemon No Extension Blocks Pokemon references on any site, including Facebook and Twitter.It also don\’t disturb users by any ads or annoying popups.

How Pokemon No Works ?

You can check the below Image where we tried to google Pokemon and you can check what result we got. All the Images, Titles, Text where the word \”Pokemon\” was mentioned is now removed from your visual. This is no Joke, you can now surf any website or any social media website with the disturbance of any Pokemon Go updates.


How to Use Pokemon No Chrome Extension.

Download This Extension Now : Pokemon N0! Pokemon Blocker