CES 2016 : The Stage is Set for the Year Ahead

Consumer Electronics Show that is CES 2016. We’re not only talking phones, it’s about the newest techs in Cars, Cameras, SmartWatches, Smart TVs, Robots, Drones and what not. The tone would be set for the months to come. As from Jan 6 – Jan 9, all techy geeks would be glued to this grand show in Vegas for all the upcoming trends and updates from the global event. The focus is on the big brands, the trendsetters, the big names in the industry. Or will the new ones make the cut? It is going to be one heck of a joyride as we at #AboveAndroid will unveil the upcoming products for our audiences.


The buck comes to Android, all of us await something new, so here are few hotshots from the first day at CES:

Foremost is our BlackBerry which accepted that Android is the way ahead as CEO John Chen confirmed that this year would be all android for the BB lovers as the upcoming phones from them would be android based. Blackberry Privwill Land is one we would wait for this year.

The future would mean “End of Typing”, yes. The year 2016 would see Gesture technologies and voice recognition rule the markets as nobody likes to put in some extra effort when you are being served already. The way we relate to our mobiles, to the devices around us would undergo an evolution in itself as we’ll see these technologies propel as the year goes on.

The other thing that made news was from VR sector, Virtual Reality or what we call as 360 of the games, movies. There were headset launches from Sony, Oculus and Valve. So now you can hold on to your seats, wear the head gear and enter a whole new world of experiences.

LG brought all of us to an awe moment with it’s screen which can be rolled like a newspaper. It promises the kind of future where we can roll up the screen we use everyday and stick them safely in our bags or back pockets. IT makes you feel all-futuristic types but to actually use it in our routine is quite a few years away. The trouble is the tech is still really delicate, so the demo version was also presented with a lot of supervision. But imagining the fact that a 18-inch screen which can be rolled is enough to give us goosebumps.


A lot revealed, a lot more left. We even saw smart refrigerators from Samsung that can sense our arrival and open automatically. While Alcatel launched 3 smartphones, Panasonic came up with TouchPad FZ-Q1. 2 more days in CES 2016, a hell lot more to discover. Let’s all wait with stuffed eagerness.