BSNL 4G is Coming & All Set to Expand All Over India

BSNL 4G has finally arrived in the market and it is all set to roll out all over India. The company is looking to expand all over India by setting up 4G towers in 60,000 new sites worth Rs 11,000 crore. The state-owned telco company is now ready to bring 4G services for its customers all over the country. Apart from this big project, BSNL has planned to upgrade 43,000 2G and 3G sites of the company to 4G, costing another Rs 3,500-Rs 4,000 crores.


The company has come out with a tender for installing 50,000 new 4G sites in north, east, west and south zones and around 7,000 new sites for Delhi and Mumbai zones (for MTNL) entailing an investment of Rs 8,697 crore. The tenders have been rolled out to vendors and the last date to apply for contracts is May 8 and bids will be opened on May 9. 

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Bidding Document of BSNL 4G

In the bidding document of BSNL 4G, it is mentioned that the choice to select any three of the five zones for which the tender has been floated will be given to the company with the lowest evaluated price of the technically and commercially responsive bids (L1). After that, the L2 bidder will be given the chance to select any one of the remaining two zones at the L1 price. If L2 refuses to accept the offer, the same offer will be offered to L3 bidder a the L1 price and so on. And in case, all the bidders refuses to accept the offer, then it shall be obligatory on the L1 bidder to choose one of the remaining two zones at the L1 price.

The remaining fifth zone is planned to be given to ITI Limited against reservation quota at L1 price and in case the ITI refuses the offer then it will be offered to the L1 bidder to accept this zone as well on L1 price.

BSNL’s Plan of Expanding

In October 2019, the government allowed for a Rs 70,000 crore restoration package for the BSNL and MTNL. From that amount, Rs 29,937 crore was meant for voluntary retirement schemes(VRS) available for employees above 50 years of age. Around 73,000 BSNL employees went for the VRS option. As a result, the monthly cost for BSNL employees has come down drastically. It is the main reason behind the company allowing its funds and resources to expand BSNL 4G services all across India. 

BSNL 4G is also going to receive a Rs 15,000 crore sovereign guarantee from the government so that it can raise money from the market. These are all just the plans, the company has not yet received the guarantee but it is most likely to get it in the next month.