12 Biggest Mistake People Make On Android Phone

When talking about android, customization is thing pops up in mind. Due to the open source and easy customization android operating system has seen many highs till date. But very often people make silly mistakes which might end up at frustration. We have listed down the biggest mistake people make on android phone.


Be Smart User, Avoid These Mistakes On Android

  1. App Installation From Unknown Source : Often people make this mistake on android phone. Enabling unknown source from phone setting to allow app installing outside of playstore. However installing cracks, unknown apps etc results malware in your smartphone. Always avoid installing app outside of google playstore.
  2. Too Many Launchers And Widgets : Keeping your phone’s home screen loaded with too many widgets is not an good idea. Some widgets need active internet data, hence results in excessive data usage, RAM and battery usage. Using more than one launcher often stress your phone RAM and battery.
  3. Say No to “Pop-Up’ ads in Browser : Ads are annoying in browser. Some ads are designed so smartly that it look like system message or notification. People often been cheated with this misleading ads on phone browser which ends up installing app forcefully on your phone. Ad title mainly has words like “Attention” “Warning” “Virus” “Lottery” “Notification” “Phone Update” etc avoid blindly these kind of ads.
  4. Remember to Turn Off Bluetooth & WIFI, Hotspot :  It is very common, people forget to switch off phone’s Bluetooth, WIFI or Hotspot when not in need. Hence results in battery draining. Some apps automatically turns on bluetooth, WIFI and which need to turn off manually when not in use by app.
  5. Installing Too many Anti-viruses  : Technically, there is nothing like virus in android smartphone. But there are various malware which steal your data, location, money & other private information. So installing 2 or 3 anti-virus doesn’t make sense. Just go for one best antivirus for android phone.
  6. Check App Permissions Before Installing Apps : It is very important to check all the permission that an app going to access on your smartphone. For example if map based app is requesting to access location is OKAY, but is torch app is requesting for  location is NOT OKAY.
  7. Remove Unused Apps :  Many of us got more than 100 apps. But my question is How many do we actually use in a day or week? there are lot of unused android apps which you should uninstall and free space on your phone’s drive. Also check this video article about removing system apps to free-up and clean your phone.
  8. Capturing Intimate Photo :  Android is most unsecured platform when it come to security. Capturing intimate photo on your android device is not an good idea. Always avoid keeping private photos and documents on your phone.
  9. Avoiding Phone & Apps Update : Never avoid updating your phone or apps. Updating apps simply keeps you updated with all new feature and experience. Phone update results in better hardware and software working for giving best experience to users.
  10. Never Forget To Backup : You should set reminder in your phone about backup. Once in a month you should backup all your data including contacts, messages, notes. There are few apps available on google playstore for automatic backup and restore.
  11. Avoid Using Other Phone Chargers : This is the biggest mistake on android people are less known. Believe it or not every smartphone battery has different capacity thus charging adapter’s power supply capacity. Using other phone chargers many result in heating up your phone or charge phone very slow.
  12. Not Password Protected :
    Always keep your phone with password protected. Phone with no password may results in data theft when phone is stolen. Also make sure you don’t keep WiFi hotspot tethering open to all, learn this secure Internet Tethering Procedure.

Well, these are the biggest mistakes on android phone people often make. We hope this article might help you to learn and avoid these mistakes. Tell us, what are other mistake people make on android phone? do comment below and share this post on social media, let us help your friends too.