Beware Of Fake Flappy Bird Game Which Contains Malware

The most controversial game for the Android phone was the Flappy Bird, in recent days the creator Dong Nguyen has removed the game from the Google Play Store. Not talking about the reason behind this issue, the most important issue is that after the take down of the game, this game have gain even more popularity and the android users are searching all over the web to get the apk of this game.


Since this game is no more available on the Google Play Store, the apk which is available all over the web is not so secure. Many hackers have made a clone of this app and added a malware to it which is having the same icon and also deliver the same game play.

This fake flappy bird apk is available on the web and also on the Third Party App Store and it is going viral.  Now the question arises is that who to be safe from this malware and enjoy this flappy bird game.

The first step is to download the apk from a trusted source. once your downloaded the apk and the time you install the app check the permission it asks for. In the original flappy bird app there is no permission to read and send the SMS/MMS. The last and most important step is have a anti-virus and anti-malware app installed in your phone, which will keep you secure all the time.


Apart from the premium service abuse, the fake flappy bird app also poses a risk of information leakage for the user since it sends out the phone number, carrier, Gmail address registered in the device. So for being safe and secure from all this malware there is feature of Android which prevents users from downloading apps from third-party marketplaces by default; users can protect themselves by keeping this setting (found under Settings – Security) enabled.