Bank Apps Start Blacklisting Galaxy S10 Phones After Discovery of Fingerprint Vulnerability

There were several reports surfacing on the internet about the security of ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on Samsung Galaxy S10 series. Those devices can be easily bypassed, as a result, you will get a complete unlocked device.


Samsung has also replied about this matter, and they are promising to patch this issue with the upcoming software update. Although some of the banks have taken this issue seriously, as a result, they are preventing Galaxy S10 device users from downloading and using their apps from Google Play Store. 

If you already have been this app in your device, the fingerprint login option is disabled for those device users. Bypassing the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is much easier, they just need to place a screen protector on the top of the display and touch the fingerprint sensor with any sensor.

There are several reports of the drastic changes in banking apps around the globe. Most of the users were unable to download banking apps from Google Play Store, whereas few of them can download the app but the fingerprint login option is completely disabled. 


There are no countermeasures taken by the US government in order to prevent this vulnerability in the Samsung Galaxy S10 device. If you are using this device in the US, then you can easily use the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor for login into any banking apps in your device.

So basically, you will get the fingerprint feature in both Chase and PayPal banking apps. Samsung has also listed the devices which are having one ability with their ultrasonic fingerprint sensor bypass method.

 Those devices are Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and S10 5G models. If you are using any of these above-mentioned Samsung Galaxy S10 devices, then it is recommended to use the alternative security feature apart from fingerprint until the fix arrives.

Samsung has confirmed that they will be releasing software updates that will have a security fix to be released earlier this week, and it is recommended to rescan their fingerprint in order to fix the issue.