Audeze gets super serious about gaming audio, comes up with $899 LCD-GX

Audeze gets super serious about gaming audio, comes up with $899 LCD-GX

If there is one brand that can be trusted to build the best headphones in the world, it is Audeze. Its flagship LCD line extends all the way up into the $4,000 price range, and it can be safely argued that its latest LCD-4z have the performance to match. But it now seems that Audeze is addressing a broader market with the launch of its second gaming headphones – the LCD-GX. These headphones borrow the same basic layout and construction as the 4z which means it has got a suspension headband paired with memory-foam pads, sturdy metal yokes, and interchangeable LCD series cables. That said, the entire focus seems to be on gaming.

Audeze isn’t making any particular hardware adaptations to turn the GX into gaming headphones other than the included directional microphone with a pop filter. The audio device manufacturer is using its signature planar magnetic driver technology which is known for its impactful “Audeze bass”. It brands these cans as the first “audiophile gaming headphones.” The best gaming headphones are just the best pair of headphones you can afford, and Audeze is putting its efforts along with the same principles. It already has Mobius headphones for people who prefer the more positional sound and digital signal processing.


The LCD-GX are specially made for the gamers who would want to get immersed in the soundscape of their favorite titles rather than pinpointing the exact location of the approaching footsteps. There is no doubt that the GX will probably be good for the latter too, and you should expect that, given their $899 price. Audeze will begin shipping the LCD-GX in a couple of months time in July.