After FTC warning about underage users, Google Playstore pull dating apps

You might think that dating app developers would be sure to keep children from signing up. But that is not always the case. Google has removed three Wildec dating apps (FastMeet, Meet24, and Meet4U) from its store after the FTC found that the titles were allowing sign-ups from kids below the age of 13, violating COPPA and the FTC Act in the process. The FTC said the developer was aware that it had underage users, and there were “several” people who had faced criminal charges for contacting kids through these apps.

The warning urged Wildec to remove personal info about children immediately, and to ask for parents’ permission before allowing access to minors, and to ensure that all its apps honor COPPA and the FTC Act. They will be allowed back on their respective stores if and when the creator makes these appropriate changes.

It is not certain if Wildec will comply. Whether or not it does, this is a strong reminder that issues with underage users are not necessarily limited to apps known to have younger audiences. It can be a problem with any site or software that doesn’t have proper age checks.