Android Turns 5 Years Old Today | Happy Birthday Android


OMG ! Android have just completed 5 years of its existence today and it seems that android have been with us from long time. The popularity of the android operating system have just been to its top now a days. More than Billions of activations of Android are done and the speed of new activation is increasing day by day. This simply shows that the Android is 5 year young not 5 years old today.

On 23rd September 2008, the Android 1.0 version was released. The First device which was featuring android version 1.0 was HTC G1. The highlighted function of Android 1.0 were :

  • Integration with Google Services
  • Web Browser to show, zoom and pan full HTML and XHTML web pages, multiple pages shown as a window.
  • Android Market app download and update
  • Multitasking, Instant Messaging , WiFi and Bluetooth.

It have been 5 years since the android came to existence and now the android version 4.4 Kitkat is coming soon. We don’t know that in next five year where the android will reach and what will be the future. But the thing we can assume and android user and android developer that the Android is going to be alive for a long and long time.


The First Smartphone HTC G1 was not so fantastic as the smart phone like Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4 or HTC One, but the revolution for such smartphone was started from HTC G1. And now this early smart phone is remembered in the history of smartphone as first public android device.

Android have grown into a fine, stable and beautiful mobile operating system that is used not just in phones, but tablets, set-top boxes, watches, televisions, cars, cameras, home appliances and many more. It’s everywhere and on everything, and it came that far in just 5 years.

We cant assume where the next five years of android will take it to. There are still few competitors of android but we at Above Android believes that the Android is the Best mobile operating system.

Finally once again Happy Birthday to Android and Hope many more updates from it in the near future. Submit Your wish to Android by Commenting below.

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