Android Reached 900 Million Activation In The Year 2013

Google I/O developer conference just started and we got the regular Android performance data update. And, if you look just at the rate the new Android devices are increasing – the numbers are really shocking.
Google revealed at the I/O 2013 conference that there has been more than 900 million Android devices activated so far. With such an astonishing figure, it’s not difficult to understand why Google Play has just passed 48 billion apps delivered. And Google Play have achieved more 2.5 billion installs in last month itself. where as it has been just 5 year the time when first Android SDK was launched.
The android activation was 400 million in the last year and it was just 100 million two years ago. Now you can just imagine the rate in which it is expanding, it is just mind – blowing .  And all this started when Google only purchased Android in 2005, with the first major commercial Android device released in late 2008.
With all this stats we can assume that  Google now activates more than 3 million Android devices a day. If this rate goes on than in very near future Google’ Android will be even more dominant in Smartphone market.
That’s all for now, more Google I/O event update will be coming to our blog. Stay connected to get all the details of the Google I/O 2013.
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