Android Oreo is Coming to Sony Xperia XZ, XZ’s and X

Sony Started Rolling out the Android 8.0 Oreo Update to Xperia XZ, XZ’s and Xperia X Performance. These are Not the Xperia Phones which were Launched in the IFA 2017, Its the Old 2016 IFA Models. The Android Oreo Update will be launched through OTA, unlike the traditional Sony’s Xperia Companion App. Just Hit the System Updates and Check for Availability. It will start Downloading the Android Oreo Version for Xperia  XZ, XZ’s and X.


The Build version of Android Oreo according to Xperia Blog is (41.3.A.0.401). The update also Brings New Features like New Gaming Features, Smart Text Recognition, and Long press actions. According to a User, The Oreo Update also Fixed so many Battery issues with his Screen on Time Screenshot.

More Features Hitting with The new Android Oreo Update

Android O is now actually being called as Android Oreo. Android Oreo previously being just codenamed as Android O was first announced back in March. It was in Preview for all these months so that developers could actually test their apps on the new platform.

Google made the announcement with the live stream that actually simultaneously went along with the Solar Eclipse. This is not the first time Google is actually partnering with a well-known Brand; Google previously had Android KitKat for the 4.4 Version. There also been speculations that Android themed Oreo Cookies being possible to the Public.

The New version of Android will have significant improvements in the Battery and security. Google Play Protect will scan and warn if you have any malware apps on your phone. Android Oreo also has more controls and scheduling with the Notifications. There are some new set of emojis and refreshed new look for the old ones too. The Wi-Fi Assistant connects you to high-quality open WiFi and Secures your connection with Google VPN. Now the Xperia Devices also boot up twice faster with the Android Oreo update.The new Update will also help in minimizing the background activity which helps in better power management.

Google’s Android Oreo will let you be in video calls or watch a video either in YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or Facebook Giant Library of User Published videos Anywhere while using other apps in your phone or tablet with its Picture in Picture Feature.



Now Android is compatible with Mopria-certified printers, which is 97% of the Printers sold all over the world. With the help of Project Treble, Now the Hardware makers can quickly update the Android devices to latest updates thanks for its modular architecture. We are Not sure if Sony Xperia Devices have implemented Project Treble support or not.