Android One: Great Initiative by Google

The well-thought initiative by Google to produce low-cost hardware and software for developing countries seem to be working well. This line of devices is collectively known as Android One. They operate under Android as the operating system and can do various operations like running regular apps and software. According to various Machine Learning Engineers from reputable companies, the Android One is a great initiative by Google which helps them in their daily work. So, what makes these devices so effective?


Cost effective phones

Android one has successfully launched its devices in India, Pakistan and many other Indian countries. According to the Asian region sales and marketing lead, India has integrated the software and design in various brands like Spice and Micromax smartphones. These are low-cost Smartphones targeting the low-income earners and students in the region. The affordability of the devices has been hailed all over the region with many units selling already.

Includes the best of Google

Google serves its clients with numerous useful software and apps to help them achieve various goals. With Android One, they have not compromised any services which high-end devices receive. So, whether you use Google drive, Docs, cloud services, you can rest assured you will still access them through these devices. In fact, they come pre installed to make the use easy.

The power of Google assistant

Google assistant has proved to be one of the best capabilities in Google related devices. It helps people to do various tasks with ease and convenience. Whether you want to text someone through voice, open your browser or perform any other task available, the Google assistant will be there for you. Android One devices, this is available in areas where it is possible to use. So, if you thought that you need an expensive smartphone to enjoy such a service, then Android One proves you otherwise.

Security and efficiency

The security of the both the physical phone and the software is greatly enhanced in Android one. The software gets updated regularly to fight any new malware and virus as well as enhance its efficiency. It also includes the security codes and patterns where people can set to their preferences when they want to set it up.

With a preinstalled Google play, users can access other security apps for their phone without any hindrance. It could be an antivirus of choice or screen lock options.

Examples of the Android One line of Smartphones

  • Xiaomi Mi A1 – it is one of the latest model created by Xiaomi. Apart from the numerous line of Android One capabilities, users also get a powerful dual camera with the ability to get clear shots. It also comes with a metallic body and a generous screen of 5.5 inches. Just like most other smartphones on the series, this model comes with a powerful battery.
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  • GM6 – the phone boasts to offer an Android One experience like no other in a curved and big screen. Further, it also boasts good resolution both on the screen and the camera. The battery is powerful to last the users for many hours of heavy use.