Its Official : Android N is now Android Nougat

When it comes to OS, what is the most delightful thing you like to witness? Yup, when you scroll down your notification manager and see a notification saying your phone has been updated to latest version of OS. So, Google has maintained its tradition of coming up with a new upgrade each year and 2k16 is no different. The most talked about thing by android fans and followers, Android N or should I say Android Nougat is now here.


Yes, Google asked for a people’s opinion on what to name this version and seems like Android Nougat got the vote. So let’s all welcome this newer, cleaner and faster upgraded version of Android.

A Sneak peek @ Android’s Upgrade History

Since it’s arrival in 2008, this OS has gone leaps and bounds and made a special space in our hearts and pockets. To say the least, without going into the statistical data, I can easily reinstate that Android is the most popular and beats its competitors hands down when we look at the market’s OS be it iOS or windows.

Down the memory lane, here’s a quick catch-up on all versions that we have seen in our phones till now:-

Here’s the transition that we have gone through till now:-

We all have seen through these screens, right?

What Android Nougat brings for us?

There are a bunch of features which we are looking forward to from this upgraded Android and some of these would change the way we have been using our phones till today. Excited? Well, we are too. Here’s what we will be getting along with this upgrade:-

Multi-Window Support

At this point, multi-window support is probably the best known Android Nougat feature, but there’s a good reason for that, as Android users have been asking for it for quite some time. IF you’re currently using a Galaxy S7 or used the Galaxy Note 5 before it, so split-screen functionality is a feature you’ll be already familiar with.

The Notification Shade

The whole notification shade redesign looks spectacular, and as someone who frequently wakes up to a ridiculous list of notifications each morning, bundled notifications sound like a gift from the gods of mobile technology themselves. Even with that in mind, I think the thing I’m most excited for with this revamp is the ability to reply to messages from directly within the notifications shade.

The New Settings Menu

In my opinion, the Android settings menu didn’t need much of a rework, as it was pretty good already. We’re getting one anyway, and it certainly sounds like it’s being changed for the better. With the release of Android Nougat, we’ll be getting a settings menu that gives us more information from the get-go. Being able to see how much data I’ve used, or what my Bluetooth situation is, or what my average RAM usage is without having to actually select those options and delve deeper into the settings menu will be a welcome change.

There’s a lot more to look forward to with the newest version of Android, and indeed, these are just a few of the features I’m excited about myself. Hopefully now that we have a name, an official release date won’t be too far off. What features are you looking forward to most?


We would love to know your take, all opinions are welcome and do comment about what are you expecting.