Android M Coming at I/O 2015, Know expected Feature Of 6.0

Yesterday Google announced to release developer preview of “Android M” or android 6.0 in the upcoming I/O 2015 which is at 28th of May. This news started trending since it declared, all developers and android lovers are excited about the new features and the speculations started rising all over the social media. However there are no strong proof of what “Android M” will bring with it. It is also surprising that even though Android Lollipop is available only to 10% of Android devices around the world they are ready with new update.


Google since 2 years has started a new market strategy to launch the SDK (for developers to work on) in the I/O which usually takes place between May to August. They give a demo of what upcoming version of android will look like and what will be the key specification of the same. Last year they had launched “Android L” which is one of the biggest update in Android since it got started

Android M Feature in short : ( expected )

According to report on Reuters, Android M is mainly focused on “Android Auto“. But few other site have reported upcoming feature in Android M as

  1. Improved design, materialistic looks
  2. Smart home – home automation
  3. Improved security
  4. Integrated with Android wear
  5. Voice Access

Still we are not sure, but we can hope for surprise from Android M. Above listed feature of Android M are seen on different sites, still there is no official announcement related to Android M Features.

WHAT WILL BE ANDROID M CALLED : Comment Below your views
As it is very well known that Android has a habit of watering your mouth with the name of desserts as their OS. Since the first official launch of “Android Ginger Bread ” to “Android Lollipop” it’s always been something which is related to Desserts.

Android M” has started getting names which people expect it to be. Some most popular names around the web for Android M are
-Milkshake (vague right but it’s among one of the most expected name)
Well most of the Indian expect it to be a “Modak” or “Mango”. But as we all know nothing can be speculated about Google they really know how to keep things from getting leaked. Comment below what you think could the name of “Android M” Follow us on Facebook and twitter to stay update will all minute updates of “Android M”.