An Unprecedented look into Xiaomi Mi Band 4

With Xiaomi’s Mi Bands growing enormously in popularity over its initial release, the wait for the latest Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has been coming to an end. Taiwan’s NCC certification agency had given the audience the first look at the band, but for a more elaborate in-depth update, we turn to leaked information on Slashleaks. The most remarkable update that was leaked on the platform was the fact that this is the first Mi Band of its predecessors to have a colored display.

Additionally, it also happens to feature Xiao AI, which is otherwise known as Xiaomi’s virtual assistant that had debuted earlier in April 2018. Xiao AI can be regarded as similar to Google Assistant and is capable of checking the weather, translating, controlling smart appliances, and much more. To top it all off, the Mi Band 4 has a capacitive button, replacing the physical buttons in the previous model versions. In addition to its older features, this Mi Band 4 also is believed to have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and a heart rate sensor, which can also be regarded as a PPG or a photoplethysmography monitor.

Another feature entails that an exclusive variant might be featuring NFC, but unfortunately, will only be available in China. So far, this is all we know about the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. It won’t have any major differences from the older Mi Band 3, but it is still an exciting wait till the release of the newest variant in a few months.