Amazon Launched Lite Web Browser for Android in India

Amazon is popular for its e-commerce app and website and now the company has released a lite web browser app called Internet for all Android smartphones. However, the app consumes less space on your Android device.


The company also claims that the app offers a private experience that means it doesn’t ask for additional permissions or collect private data compare to other browsers. Moreover, the browser is compatible with phones running Android 5.0 Marshmallow and above.

Just like other web browsers, this Internet browser comes with an integrated section of trending news on its homepage. The app offers an automatic fullscreen mode and tab previews. Also, one can switch to private tabs which will hide their browsing history from their Android smartphones.

As per the report, Amazon’s Internet app is live on Google Play S tore from March but the Amazon has not made any announcement about this app. For now, the Amazon’s Internet app is only available in India. Similar to other browsers, this app also shows cricket scores and local news on its homepage. However, Amazon also released a Kindle lite app

which is built for a great reading experience even on slow networks and with bad connectivity.

Similar to Amazon, Facebook and Google have also released its lite version of the app. For best social networking experience, Facebook offers you Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite which works even on a slow network. Also, Google has released its lite apps such as Gmail Go, Google Go, Google Maps Go, and YouTube Go. All of these Google lite apps will pre-installed on devices which run Android Oreo (Go Edition).

The Amazon’s lite browser comes in a smaller size which works pretty well even with slow or limited internet connectivity. If your planning to buy Android Go smartphone, then you can use this Amazon’s Internet app. Moreover, the app is free to download and available on Google Play Store. Do try this Internet web browser app and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.