Amazon Developing Ad-Supported Version of Prime Video for Free

Amazon is developing a free Ad-supported version of Prime which will complement streaming video service. This could be huge news, as the streaming service is absolutely free. Amazon has mentioned in other outlets it will not work on the ad-supported version of Prime Video. Based on the source reported by AdAge, Amazon will not deny.


Amazon Prime member has to pay $99 which will help you to access a video streaming feature, which is absolutely ad-free. Advertiser will support the new version which is available for non-Prime Members. AdAge mention in a source that Amazon may also share audience information and ad-revenue in order to highlight initial effort with the projects.

How Ad Supported Amazon Prime Will Work?

This new service will provide a catalog from TV and Movie studios. Including shows like cooking, travel, lifestyle and children’s entertainment. People are migrating from normal TV towards a subscription-based service like Netflix which also has the ad-free platform. Amazon Ad-supported version of  Prime video is more attractive for advertisers and content creators. It is ad-free version but the main thing is that if the users are watching shows, they will get interrupted by seeing commercial breaks.

Most people sign up for Prime accounts in search of movies and TV shows. Amazon will surely provide a free version, as AdAge reported in a source. The free version is a good for users, but the company is looking to upgrade people to Prime account. To get access of ad-free streaming along with other Prime offer benefits, like free shipping on eligible purchases.

Amazon is building out its own ad capabilities which allow brands to pay for video on their product pages and developing technology that serves ads beyond Marketers have to pay high price for video ads which will appear in entertainment program including all TV shows.

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