Amazon Alexa App gets Voice Command Support for Android

Amazon bringing its new update of Voice command support to its Alexa App for Android devices. The company said the update of Alexa app will help users to enable voice command on all Android devices. The new update comes long time after a dedicated Alexa integration which was debuted on some of the Android devices, like HTC U11, Huawei Mate 9, and Motorola Moto X4.


According to Android Police report, the new update is rolling out through Google Play and Amazon Appstore for Android in the coming days. Alexa’s new update will enable access to Alexa skills, control music playback, and send messages among others. The Alexa integration on Echo lineup will apparently don’t enable a hands-free experience. That means it won’t work simply by saying “Alexa” when the app is not active on the screen. A few months earlier, Amazon has launched its Famous Echo line up of speakers in India which was really a surprising move.

As per the screenshot provided by an Android Police, it shows that the updated app comes in version 1.24.3555.0 for Android devices. Also, the app will have an Alexa button in the navigation bar to enable voice commands. Sadly, it doesn’t have Alexa support which allows users to pass your voice commands just after saying “Alexa”. The Alexa Assistant is directly opposite to what Google Assistant offers on Android devices through “Hey Google” and “OK Google” hotwords.

The limitation of hotwords support may remove if Amazon ties up with some devices manufactures. But for now, you have to open the Alexa app to use Alexa voice assistant. After updating, if you don’t see Alexa voice Assistant in Alexa app on your phone. So don’t panic Amazon is slowly rolling out its access and also it may take few days. You can download Amazon Alexa app directly from Google Play store or from Amazon Appstore. Do try this Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant feature and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.


In addition, the company is all set to debut Amazon Alexa on Window 10 PCs. As per the announcement from Amazon at the recently concluded CES trade fair. Amazon is working with HP, Lenovo, Acer, and ASUS to integrate Alexa for PC on their Windows 10 devices.