All You Need to Know About Call of Duty: Mobile India Cup with Rs 35 Lakh Price Pool

E-sport and game streaming industry has become one of the most promising industry for the future and is growing at a great pace. Loco is one of the country’s biggest e-sport and streaming platform that has partnered with Activision Blizzard to conduct India’s Largest Call of Duty: Mobile Tournament. The said event will be having a pool price of Rs. 35 Lakh. So get your team ready to join the biggest Call of Duty: Mobile Tournament.


The tournament will encourage gamers across the country to transform Indian gaming system and payoff all the hours put by gamers while professionally playing games. The tournament will be streamed live on Loco app and has been called Call of Duty: Mobile India Cup. The huge event is made up of two tournaments namely Call of Duty Mobile India Cup Open and Call of Duty: Mobile India Cup Pro.

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With PUBG getting delayed for launch in India, it is the perfect timing for Call of Duty: Mobile to get a grip with Indian players. Registration of Call of Duty: Mobile India Cup is already open and players can form a team of 5 and compete with each other. They will be competing with each other with 5v5 in qualifier matches where the total prize pool is Rs. 10 lakh out of which Rs. 5 lakh will go to 1st position while the rest will be distributed among 2nd to 8th position.


Once the qualifier round is complete, the qualifying teams will advance to Call of Duty: Mobile Cup Pro and will be joined by professional players in 5v5 league format. The top Indian teams of Call of Duty: Mobile have been invited to the tournament to get the users excited out of which we know that Team Mayhem and Team IND will be participating in the tournament.

The total prize pool of Call of Duty: Mobile Cup Pro is Rs. 25 lakh out of which the winning team with the first position will receive #. 10 lakh followed by the second position with Rs. 5 lakh and 3rd position will receive Rs. 3 lakh. The rest amount will be shared with positions ranging from 4th to 8th. For the latest news follow Above Android on Facebook, Instagram, and Google news.