All New Google’s Android L Unfolded : Preview

It had been years since Google had given a new face to its Android platform. But now, the wait is over. Google finally had unveiled its all new Android L, which is the big surprise to Android world. Though, it hasn’t got a name yet, but sources suggest that it may be named as Android Lollipop. Matias Duarte, the lead member of Android Development team had outlined the core concept of material design in Android L. This will helps to bring the android phones and tablets closer.


The UI can adapt to different screen sizes. UI also includes animated touch feedback to provide more responsive experience to the users. It has got an exposed navigation bar. Android L had got a new typography and ripple touch effects. There is lot more to explore about Android L.

Android L : Hands on Review

User Experience

Google really want to show people that it cares for UI. You can now expect more animations and better touch effects. Your interactions will exist in 3 dimensions from now onwards. The phone dialer will pop up with material color and ripple touch effects. And mind it; this will not at all slow your device.


Notifications had been streamlined so to provide you the access to just everything and make you interact with them from the lock screen. You can double tap on the notification to launch the app, swipe for dismissing, and swipe away for accessing your device. It looks visually appealing and stunning.

Smarter Lock Screen

The lock screen pattern and PINs are not at all annoying. Android L might add something known as ‘Personal Unlocking’. This will enhance the security of your device to good level.


Chrome is receiving a lot of love from Google on mobile too. It has got a major redesign that includes some material design fanciness. There will be better touches, various colors, test bars, and most importantly you can get the card for each tab you have opened to carry multitasking.


You will see good benefits as the end user. ART is written to support the ARM, x86, and MIPS and will provide 2X performance improvement. There are more surprises too for the users that will be revealed after the launch of Android L. It is compatible with 64-bit format and is more memory efficient.


Google shows its commitment to improve the graphics by catching up with direct X 11 and is also including Android Expansion packs. But graphics are believed to be bit similar to previous Android version.


The Project Volta is the best name heard till now to improve the battery performance and increase battery life. Google enabled Android L with new battery saver mode that cuts off the display power and Wi-Fi power when not in use. It might enhance the battery life to about 70-90 minutes.


So far, Google had made clear that Android L is not only about the phone, but it will try to bring the products closer to each other. Google will soon reveal its launch date. People are now eagerly waiting for Android L to come on to their Android devices.