Alexa Hindi Support will be coming soon for Indian Users

India is a key market for Alexa’s global growth. Amazon’s Alexa team is working on to bring more regional language support and capabilities to the voice-based assistant – Alexa. In the past years, Alexa has earned immense popularity in India and people in India are waiting for Alexa Hindi support to listen to the Hindi commands and act according to it.


According to a report from International Data Corporation (IDC), Amazon Echo had led 59 percent market share of speakers in 2018. It was followed by Google Home with 39 percent of market share. It clearly indicated that people in India have started accepting smart speakers with a voice-based assistant.

“Yes, we are working on infusing regional languages capabilities in Alexa for the Indian market but these are early days. For us, it is a contextual, cultural as well as content-related challenge as the question is not that Alexa just needs to understand Hindi. This part we can do relatively easily but Alexa needs to be Indian when it speaks in Hindi as there are several dialects and accents out there which Alexa has to understand and react accordingly.” said Rohit Prasad, Vice President and Head Scientist for Alexa.


Currently, Alexa can understand some Hinglish(Hindi + English) commands, but they are very less. But after adding the new support it is expected that Alexa will be able to understand the response of users in Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Telugu, Gujarati and other regional languages.

Alexa is currently available in 80+ countries and it can understand and respond to more than 14 languages. But in India to makes Alexa popular, the company has highly invested in this country. There are nearly eight third-party brands with 13 different devices that have Alexa built-in in India. The inclusion of Alexa Hindi support is surely going to attract more users across India and the users are surely going to love this new support.