“Add to Facebook Story” will Soon Allow Whatsapp Users to Share Status as Facebook Stories

Whatsapp will soon roll out some new amazing features for Android as well as iOS.  The Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp is currently testing two new features with an aim to make the chatting application more interactive and interesting. One out of two feature is “Add to Facebook Story”. It will allow users to share Whatsapp status as Facebook Stories. With just one finger touch this amazing feature can be applied to any status. Instagram has already introduced a similar feature. The users of Instagram have an option to share their Insta Stories on Facebook.


It is often seen that people always want to share the same photos or videos as status on Whatsapp to Facebook.  Now it will become too easy for the Whatsapp users to share the same photo and video on Facebook. According to the reports from Webetainfo, in Android beta version 2.19.151 the “Add to Facebook Story” feature is seen by them. However, in the same report, they noted that now this feature has been removed from WhatsApp beta for Android. So currently this new feature button is not available on beta.

The new WhatsApp build also allows the user to share contact information via QR code. In Whatsapp beta 2.51.151, there is a new QR code button. This button will allow the users to share their profiles and contact list by scanning the QR code. Whatsapp is not the first one to share contact information via QR code. LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and many other apps have been using QR code for sharing contact information.


However, there are no updates on the “Add to Facebook Stories” feature as well as the QR code feature. But since they have been added to the new beta versions for Android devices they are likely to come in the official working app sooner or later.