6 Most Common Android Lock Pattern That You Should Avoid

Android Security Pattern is one of the most commonly used method to protect your privacy on Android Phones. Unlike iOS, there are many ways in which you can unlock the screen in Android. Swiping your finger over few dots and connecting them can simply unlock your phone. It is not so easy as said, you must have tough security pattern that can’t be break by anyone. Let’s Check Six Most Common Android Security Pattern That You Should Avoid.


Pattern Lock with 3*3 cube can have up to 389,112 different combinations. Shocked? Yes, it’s true.

After studying 4,000 user-generated patterns, Marte Løge says that 77 percent of patterns in her study started from a corner, while 44 percent started from the top left. Specifically, these are the most commonly used android lock patterns.

The researcher also said that about 10% of patterns form a letter such as N, C or O. If you are using any one of the above patterns, then change it now. It’s not just about common android lock patterns, but we also want our users to keep smartphone safe and secure.

How To Keep Smartphone Safe and Secure

  • Choose Complex Patterns

In order to make your lock pattern a bit complex, you must use all the nine dots in a random way that only you can remember. Another option is to select a 6*6 matrix to draw the lock pattern. It will make more tough to break the pattern.

  • Clean The Screen

People using Screen Pattern to unlock the phone must clean the screen with a piece of cloth continuously so that the fingerprint on the screen cant help the other person to identify the lock pattern. You can also use Mate Screen Protector to safeguard yourself.

  • Use Fingerprint sensor to Unlock

With the evolution of technology, a smartphone with fingerprint sensor came into the picture. It is very secure and safe to use the fingerprint to unlock the smartphone as it is unique for every individual.

Source: Ars Technica