5 Reasons Why Android Is Better Than Windows Phone

When you are looking for a new phone, there are a myriad of options that you can choose from.Yes , Android is better than Windows phone  The Android phones are some of the best options available. You should consider an Android phone above a Windows phone. You will have more flexibility and a wider range of options with your Android phone when compared to a Windows phone. These reasons are why Android mobile is currently still hanging onto the market.


  • App Store

One reason that the Android is better than the Windows phone is that the app store for Android offers so many more options. The Android app store is more open and has more developers that are working on the apps for the phone. The Windows team has put more restrictions on how to design the apps, which while giving more guidance and creating uniform apps does limit the number of apps available. Currently the difference here is not a small one, and if you want more apps, than the choice needs to be Android.


  • Price

Another reason that you may want to go with an Android phone is that the price tends to be a bit lower on some of the models. This means that if you are not in the market for the top of the line phone, that you will likely find a price break by looking at some of the Android models when compared to the Windows phone.


  • Selection

There is currently a wider selection of Android phones available on the market. This means that you can choose the bargain phones that run for less money or splurge and get the top of the line models offered by companies like Samsung. The more choices that you have means that you are more likely to find the phone that is perfect for you. If you go with a Windows phone, there are a variety of high quality phones, but you will not have the selection.


  • Crossover Technology

Another reason why you may want to go with the Android over the Windows phone is that the Android operating system also runs on tablets. Life is easier when your devices can easily communicate with each other. You do not need to worry about whether or not an app will run or if the formatting worked on a document when you are using both an Android phone and an Android tablet. There are a wide variety of options in both categories, which makes this an obvious choice over the Windows phone.

  • Icons, Home Screen, Operating System

While there are some big Windows phone fans that love the look of the Windows home screen and operating system, other people much prefer the Android design choice. The icons are labeled which makes searching and adjusting to the phone easier. Additionally Android mobile does not have the wasted space that the Windows phone has on it. This means that you may have an easier time finding the apps on the Android. Android also allows you to create a more customizable user experience. Overall many people prefer the user experience that Android offers.


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