Get a second private phone line from Hushed for just $25

The necessity of sharing your personal contact number in the current day scenario has become increasingly important. Whether you’re registering for a new service or purchasing something online, providing your phone number is a must.


By now, however, you may have realized that this comes at a cost. By providing your phone number, you become an easy target for scam callers or telemarketers. As soon as they get hold of your contact, they relentlessly begin barraging you with illegal calls and texts.

Luckily for you, this can be avoided in a very simple way. You may do so by paying a meager $25 for a Hushed Private Phone Line, which will effectively help you protect your privacy. This app installs a pseudo spare phone on the one you already have. All this includes call forwarding, voicemails that can be customized, as well as Wi-fi calling.

Thus, the Hushed App will give you the freedom of doing whatever you normally do online, from online shopping to online dating. You can exchange your number without the fear of it being misused or getting into the wrong hands.

The lifetime subscription to Hushed entails a total of 6,000 texts of 1,000 minutes in each year, which is renewed at its end, at no extra cost. You even have the privilege of choosing from several area codes across the US and Canada.

With the 82 percent price drop, you may secure your privacy for a mere $25, rather than the usual $150. So, what’s stopping you? Go right ahead!