Finally HTC reveals exactly when its phones will get Android 9 Pie

Finally HTC reveals exactly when its phones will get Android 9 Pie

Smartphone brand HTC took to Facebook and Twitter to make an eagerly awaited announcement for users of their brand. With the unleashing of Android Q just a few months away, they finally released the day when their flagship smartphones would get Android Pie.

Rest assured, everyone, including you, feels that these updates do end up being a little backward, with the delay. The first flagship device to be getting Android Pie is the HTC U11, dated sometime in this very month. Following this is the U12 Plus, which can expect the update in June; and the U11 Plus, sometime in late June.

HTC owners have been getting wary due to the delay in the Android updates, especially for those owning their flagship models. This reaction is justified to say the least, as HTC first promised its users the Android Pie update back in August 2018. That was during the time Google had released the final, public version of their update.

Thus, they have been failing to fulfill promises, since they only device in the HTC range to even receive the update was the HTC U11 Life’s Android One variant.

What is even more unbelievably heartbreaking is the fact that the HTC Sense version of the U11 Life isn’t going to be fortunate enough to receive the update. This is quite hard to take in because both of them share the same hardware and makeup as their Android One counterpart.


Thus, even though HTC is finally rolling out their Android Pie updates, it won’t prove to be much of a relief to all its users. Those impatient might finally be relieved on receiving the update; whereas, others might have given up some time ago and moved on to more reliably timed updates.