Release Date of New 2021 Emojis Postponed Due To Coronavirus

A non-profit group called ‘Unicode Consortium‘ looks after the creation of emojis. The group has decided to postpone the release of version 14.0 of the Unicode Standard by 6 months. This decision has been made because of the increasing threat of the deadly disease novel coronavirus. As many of the people might be thinking that the tech world would not get much affected because of the coronavirus, but it can be clearly seen that Coronavirus has Impacted the Release Date of New 2021 Emojis. Hence, smartphone users will have to wait longer for new emojis.


Delay of 2021 Emojis

Unicode Consortium relies heavily on its volunteers. Due to the unavailability of volunteers and contributors because of COVID-19, they have to push back the release date of 2021 emojis. “Under the current circumstances we’ve heard that our contributors have a lot on their plates at the moment and decided it was in the best interests of our volunteers and the organizations that depend on the standard to push out our release date,” said Mark Davis, President of the Consortium. “This year we simply can’t commit to the same schedule we’ve adhered to in the past.”

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Few new emojis were announced recently this year under the 13.0 version and they would be added to the smartphones by September 2020. The group has stated that any new emoji characters added into Emoji 14.0 would appear on smartphones and other devices in 2022. It takes time for a couple of months for developers to integrate the new emoticons into smartphones and apps. The release was expected in March 2021 but now it is expected to launch in September 2021.


Expected Emojis in 2020


Coronavirus has affected each and every industry in the world. Talking about the technology sector, the release of smartphones and electronic gadgets have been canceled or postponed. The release of 2021 emojis has also been postponed and many more things are at the down graph.