10 Typical Things About Android Users

Android is getting a thousands of new activation every day. Just a few days ago Android have successfully completed 1 billion device activation, that is very huge and about 1/7th of the world\’s population. We have gone through lots of apps, games and even news and smartphones, but this time we are again back with behavior of Android Users. So check out the 10 Typical Things About Android Users.


1. I check my battery status after every few minutes day and night.

2. I personalize my smartphone up-to the core.

3.  I don\’t pay for Apps and Games, I just find the crack.

4. I have WhatsApp as most used app in my phone.

5. I believe, Android is the future. Because, we have got the Google technology behind us.

6. I never have trouble finding a charger even if I have left mine at home.

7. I get smartphone of every range from 5k to 50k INR.

8. I have Google+ app, but I rarely use it.

9. I throw my phone after losing the Flappy Bird Game.


10. I don\’t use iTunes like stuff for downloading music or video.