Live Blog : Google Pixel 2 (and Much More) Event


4th Oct 11:15 PM IST

Here we reach the closing session of #MadeByGoogle. Thanks for following @AboveAndroid live through out the event. More detail about each products to be shared soon.

4th Oct 11:10 PM IST

Next Product is Google Clips. All the machine learning happens on the device itself. It is really small. \”It\’s a hands-free camera\” It will be available for $249 from today.

4th Oct 11:00 PM IST

New product is Google Pixel Buds. It is a company\’s first wireless earbuds. You can do real-time translations using Google Pixel Buds. It have 5 hours listing charge.

4th Oct 11:00 PM IST

Pixel 2 starts from $649 and Pixel XL 2 starts from $849. Both the smartphone Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 will be available for pre-order from today in Austraila, Canada, Germany, India, UK and US. They will be available in Italy, Singapore, and Spain later this year.

4th Oct 10:50 PM IST

Google claims that the Pixel 2 will have the best smartphone camera ever. Pixel 2 brings Portrait mode, it helps to take profession photographs just like SLR with a just single lens. Similar to live photos, Google introduces motion photos which capture 3 sec video into the photo. Some of the features are super fast charging, water resistance, Ultra vivid OLED displays, The fastest fingerprint sensor, Smartest Assistant and First phone with Google Lens.

4th Oct 10:40 PM IST
Google Pixel 2 have Front-facing stereo speakers. The new feature of Google Lens is launched with help of Google Assistant. Be the Photo 5 year ago or right in front of you, Google Lens will integrate with Google Photos and Google Assistant to enrich your experience.

4th Oct 10:30 PM IST

The Next announcement is right back after Pixelbook, it is Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL. The phone have some great features of Always on Display and Now Playing. The Pixel 2 sports full HD OLED display with 100,000:1 contrast ratio. The only difference in both the devices is just the display size. Pixel continues to be the most helpful phone.

4th Oct 10:20 PM IST
Google announces high-end Pixelbook laptop. The new Pixelbook just around 10mm thin and a kilogram. It starts at $999 and pixel book pen for $99.

4th Oct 10:10 PM IST
New product addition of Google Home Max to the Google Home family. Say \”Smart Sound,\” and the speaker will adapt to your room. It is a great product for Music Lover where you can play any songs from youtube quickly and smoothly. Google Home Max will be available for $399 from this December. You will get 12 months Youtube red subscription for free with this great music device.

4th Oct 10:05 PM IST
New features for Broadcast is added to Google Home. While adding a broadcast word to your voice command, it will broadcast the message to all Google Home device available at the home. Parents are going to love this.

4th Oct 10:00 PM IST
CEO of Nest gives the example how Google and Nest can work together to make the Home Automation completely a next generation stuff. They will take us one step closer to thoughtful home.

4th Oct 9:55 PM IST
Here comes the new hardware announcement, Google Home Mini. It will be available in 3 colors. Charcol, Chalk and Reddish. It will be available for just $49 and you can pre -order from today itself. Google Home Mini is powered by Google Assistant. A little help at Home, that only Google can. Google Home Mini compete directly with Amazon’s Echo Dot.

4th Oct 9:50 PM IST
Now its time for Rishi Chadra to discuss about the Google Home. Google Voice Match is launched to all seven countries where the device is officially launched. Google Home can also place calls to any US and Canada numbers for free without any apps or accessories.

4th Oct 9:40 PM IST
Sundar Pichai welcomes Rick to the stag, He is talking about the latest work done by Google regarding the latest HTC IP and smart engineers take over. He gives the hint about the new hardware launch. Rick mention new innovation will take place with AI + software +hardware.

4th Oct 9:30 PM IST
The Event is Live and Sundar Pichai is taking the charge of the program. He says \”Computers should adapt to how people live their lives, rather than people adapt to computers\”. Giving importance to AI first, Sundar talks about Conversational sensory, Ambient Multi-device, Thoughtful contextual, Learn and Adapt.


4th Oct 5:30 PM IST
Hello Friends, I am Abhishek Vohera, the founder of Above Android blog and we here to serve you live with the feeds of Google Event. It is expected that Google is going to launch its new smartphone Pixel 2 and much more. You can check out our last article, Google Event on 4th Oct: What to Expect.

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