7 Best New Features of Android Q (Beta 1)

Google is already working on the next version of the Android operating system for smartphones. Few of the Android users can now upgrade their smartphones to the next version of Android which is Android Q. Although Android Q Beta 1 is exclusive to pixel device users. Loads of new features are coming with the Android Q update, and we have listed a few of the top new features of Android Q in this article for you.


Top New Features of Android Q Beta 1 Update:

We have listed the best and most anticipated Android features which will be coming with Android Q update.

Native System Wide Dark Mode:

Finally, Android Q is bringing the proper native dark mode in your Android devices. You can enable the native dark mode by two ways in your device. The first method is the easiest one you just need to bring down the notification panel and enable the battery saver mode, which will enable the dark mode in your Android Q device. You can also use the ADB to enable the dark mode in your device.

Device Theming:

Another creative feature is coming to Android Q, which is the device theming option. Now you don’t need to use any other launchers like Nova launcher to get creative and change the themes in your Android device. To change the theme of your device you just need to open the developer mode and select the theming option, currently there only four system accent color options available for Android Q beta. Not only that you can also choose between two fonts to give a new look to your Android Q device.

Native Screen Recorder:

This is probably one of the most anticipated features for Android devices, you can now have the native Screen Recorder integrated into the Android Q devices. First, you need to activate it from the developer options > features flags > screen recorder. Now to use it you need to press and hold the power button of your Android device to get the screenshot option. Long press on the screenshot option to get the native Screen Recorder feature by which you can record your screen easily. To stop the screen recorder, you just need to pull down the notification bar and tap on the stop button.

Enhanced Location Access Controls:

Enhanced location access control is a useful feature by which you can easily set or change the location access by any of the installed application in your Android Q device. You can allow your location access by the different application or you can even deny them from this setting.

Increase Notification Length:

Notification popup quickly disappears and we often miss the important notification in our Android device. Android Q introduces a setting where you can set the duration of the notification length starting from 10 seconds to 2 minutes.

Sharing Shortcuts:

New sharing shortcuts menu in the Android Q suggest various quick applications where you need to share various contents. Once you access the sharing shortcut it gives you the frequently shared applications at the top of the list for sharing.

Wi-Fi Sharing via QR Code:

Wi-Fi sharing via QR code is probably one of the best features that Android Q is bringing to your device. No need to share your passwords while giving access to your internet from your Android device. You can bring up the QR code of your device Wi-Fi and let the QR code to be scanned from another device to get connected to your Internet.

We have given you the most useful and top Android Q beta 1 features in this article for you. These are the most useful and creative features that Android will be bringing to the next update of the Android Operating System. Share this important article with other Android users so that they can also get to know about the upcoming Android Q features.