10 Best Offline Games to Play Without Internet

Nowadays most of the people play games to spend their free time or to get relief from their busy work. So, we are here with the 10 Best offline games that you can play without the Internet. Sometimes you don’t have an Internet Connection in your smartphone and all of a sudden life becomes boring. At such times offline games can be a great option to spend your time.


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10 Best Offline Games to Play Without Internet

1. Subway Surfers

10 Best Offline Games: Subway Surfers

If you are an Android user from a long time then you must be surely knowing about this game and at least you would have surely played this game. The game is as easy as one could imagine. In this, you have to cover more and more distance and through the way, you have to collect coins and various superpowers which will help you boost your score.

2. Jetpack Joyride

10 Best Offline Games: Jetpack Joyride

This is another one good old offline android game that you find on the PlayStore. Jetpack Joyride is game which has 100,000,000+ installations as per the Google Play Store and has a rating of almost 5 on 5 stars. It’s an endless game where you have to take revenge on the people who have performed different experiments on you. In this game also you have to collect coins and you can also shoot your enemies and obstacles in between,

3. Can Knockdown 3

10 Best Offline Games: Can Knockdown 3

Can Knockdown 3 is an Offline Android Game that you might have played even in real life where you set up a pyramid of cans and you try to knock them off with a stone. In this game, all you have to do is set up a high score for yourself and keep trying to break it.

4. Cut The Rope 2

10 Best Offline Games: Cut the Rope 2

With great success of Cut the Rope, the developers are back with another edition of the game with lots of fun and more features. The game is played using an Internet connection but you can also play without the Internet. In this game you have to cut the rope to serve the hungry Omnom with the available candies.

5. Shadow Fight

10 Best Offline Games: Shadow Fight

The next game on our list of 10 best offline android games to play without Internet is Shadow Fight. It is a Role-Playing Game(RPG) for the android devices. The gameplay is very smooth and it is not difficult to play at all. In this game, you have to fight the zombie battles and monster battles with your weapons.

6. Contract Killer 2

10 Best Offline Games: Contract Killer 2

This is the best offline action android game on the PlayStore. This brings lots of fun and challenges with some spectacular graphics. In this game, you play the character of Jack Griffin who reaches out to his targets through some great moves with guns and other weapons.


10 Best Offline Games: BADLAND

BADLAND is one the best offline multiplayer game. It has awesome dark gameplay. In this game, you have to be ahead of everyone so that no one is able to catch you. As you go ahead in the game, you will find that the obstacles and difficulties also keep increasing. The background music and the dark gameplay sets a perfect combination.

8. Monument Valley

10 Best Offline Games: Monument Valley

It is a very nice puzzel game which you can play offline. The game has very pleasing and beautiful graphics. The background music of the game makes the gameplay more intersting and addictive. However, this game is not available for free on Google PlayStore. But, every pent spent will be worthful.

9. Smash Hit

10 Best Offline Games: Smash Hit

The next game in our list of 10 best offline android games is Smash Hit. It is a 3D arcade game in which you break the glass with the iron balls. On breaking each glass you get some free iron balls. Once the iron balls get finished, your game gets over.


10. Dead Trigger

10 Best Offline Games: Dead Trigger

The last game in our list is Dead Trigger. It is an action game where you have to save yourself and others from the Zombies who have attacked the world. The graphics of this game are just simply fantastic and the gameplay is also very good. At time, you might also get surprised with unexpected entry of Zombies.

So this sums up our list of 10 Best Offline Games to Play without the Internet. We hope that this post will turn very helpful for all of you. Let us know which one is your favorite pick from our list in the comment section below.