10 Best Horoscope Apps For Android in 2020

Horoscopes can be a fairly fascinating and enthralling thing to look up to as people can get to know a glimpse of what’s coming their way. This is a centuries-old thing earlier practiced by the sages and rishis to predict things in life with the help of infinite knowledge they had regarding universal positions. Some consider these predictions to be bogus while there are a number of people who believe in it. Below are mentioned few genuine apps that you find on your android phones that help you with the daily astrology predictions.


Top 10 Horoscope Apps For Android in 2020

1. AstroGuide

This app promises to give authentic horoscope results regarding health, work, money, and love. It also has the provision of future prediction and has an option of tarot card reading for relationships, love, good fortune, etc.

2. Daily Horoscope

This is the most popular and downloaded horoscope app on the Google Play Store. It is basically a simple app containing daily, weekly and monthly horoscope including Chinese horoscope and zodiac compatibility ratings along with push notifications making it convenient.

3. AstroSage Kundli

This app is highly recommended because of its special features that it provides absolutely free of costs like insightful reading along with charts, moon sign, and personalized zodiac readings, etc. It functions as per Hindu and Vedic astrology.

4. Chaturanga Astrology

This app is different from the rest of the app in the way that it enables a personal and confidential chat with the professional astrologers. By sharing your birth data, one can have their natal charts prepared by the astrologists and accordingly the horoscope is given by the app.

5. Horoscope

This app is a simple app providing decent and quick information on issues like career, love compatibility, finance, etc. It has features like Chinese horoscope along with daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes. It also has no-add purchases and is absolutely free on the Google Play Store.

6. AstroGuru

This app available on Google Play Store is the only app where you get readings and predictions wherein by giving your palm to scan and read. It is available in over more than twenty languages and also provides for daily positive and inspiring quotes.

7. Yodha My Astrology & Horoscope

This is an app wherein professional Vedic astrologers from Nepal will read your birth details, prepare a natal chart and provide for authentic and genuine predictions. The app has a user-friendly and pleasant interface.

8. Horoscope of Birth

This app is different in the way that once installed from the Play Store, you enter your birth of date once and it clearly helps you to know how many months and days are left for your upcoming birthday. It also helps to know love compatibility and marriage compatibility.

9. Free Daily Horoscopes

This app tells you everything about your zodiac signs. It shows a visual representation of the information of all the zodiac signs. It includes information about your compatibility in fields like friendship, love, and career with other zodiac signs.

10. Horoscope Ace

This app gives predictions by the famous astrologer Patrick Arundell. It provides very reliable and honest daily, weekly and monthly predictions. Another best thing is that it gives you a free birth chart. It also has the option of pulling out tarot cards on a daily basis.


Having a daily horoscope app is much more convenient than turning out the pages of a newspaper daily to have a look at it or turn up to the internet to check it. The above-mentioned horoscope apps are available freely at Play Store with a user-friendly interface and with no ads!