Sunday Interview : Mohammad Adib – A Rising Star From Bangladesh

After many weeks, we are back again with the Sunday Interview. This Sunday we have a personality from such a country where the new technology arrives at last of the world when it is in decline stage. But Mohammad Adib (18 years old), a rising star from Bangladesh have changed the scenario. Mr. Adib will tell us about all his work and interest in this Interview. We from Above Android really thanks Mohammad Adib to accept the Interview request and answer all the questions of ours. He have developed many helpful apps such as Switcher (My Personal Best) , Sidebar, Roundr and find out many more at Google Play Store. To know much about Mohammad Adib you can contact him on various social networking sites. Now lets start with the Interview.


Who is Mohammad Adib ?

I was born on April 10 1996 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Growing up there was a very unique experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. At around age 10, my family made the move to America and started a new life. And thus, here I am today! I am currently attending Newport High School in Seattle, WA.

How do you feel to have such a success after being a citizen of Bangladesh?

 Well, my perspective is that it shouldn’t matter where I come from to feel successful about my work. I don’t think the expectations for achievement are lowered based on where someone was born or raised, so I’d say that I’m certainly happy to be Bengali and have had success in my work. However, anybody from anywhere could have done what I did as well.

What is the future of Android according to you?

 The (near) future of Android is wearables. Android is linux, and like linux it will be in everything from your kitchen toaster to implants in your brain.

What is HS Hacks?

 HSHacks was the largest ever high school based programming competition (or hackathon). My team and I built Sync, and app that syncs the notifications on your Android phone across iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, Chrome, Pebble, Google Glass, and more!

Tell our readers about your interests in android and robotics

 My interests in Android came from learning how to program in Java when I was a freshman (9th grade) in high school. Ever since then, I have made many apps that have over time accumulated over 1 million downloads. Robotics is fascinating for me especially because I love to play with both software and hardware. Robotics is the perfect excuse to mess with both, and ties them together in the best way possible.

What is your work experience and on which project you are working now

 I’m working on many projects both for myself, and for other companies. I have worked as a Roboticist and as a Software Engineer.

What is your inspiration?

 My inspiration is seeing others take a leap of faith, and create something on their own to share with the world. I think that entrepreneurship, especially at an early age is something that is often overlooked and undermined. What inspires me most is when I see people starting with uncertainty and through hard work and perseverance ending up succeeding.

What are your plans for the near and far future?

 My plans for the near future are to keep making things, make my own company, and work for other great companies and people. My future plans are to change the world in some net positive way before I’m dead. That is the goal I work towards relentlessly every day from sun up to sun down.

What are basics that a newbie should know about Android development?

They should know that Android Development requires a lot of self-learning and willingness to learn. Some things come easy and some don’t. And most of your time will be spent copy pasting from StackOverflow, and Googling problems such as “how to fix Gradle.” But in all seriousness, Android is a great platform to get started with. You’ll need good Java skills, good Googling skills (for problems), and the ability to overcome steep learning curves!


Three things that makes you happy.

  • Free time
  • Fun projects
  • Donating to good causes

GlassCopter Game For Google Glass

If you wanna ask any question to this young developer just comment below, he will surely reply to you. You can also connect with Mohammad Adib on Google Plus. For more such Interviews stay live and stay connected with Above Android.