Sunday Interview : Harinder Takhar – CEO at PAYTM

Yeah, we are back again with one another interesting interview For our Sunday Interview Series with Mr. Harinder Takhar, CEO at PAYTM. Firstly  I would really like to thanks Mr. Takhar for accepting our proposal for interviewing him, also Mr. Vijay Sharma &  Miss Sonia for coordinating with us.


Let me introduce Mr. Takhar over here first. According to Takhar’s  LinkedIn profile,  He was previously a product manager with Research In Motion, prior to which he was with Nokia, as a Business Development Manager. He was with the One97 company between December 2001 and July 2003, and had also co-founded Xs! Corporation with One97 founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

1. Story to become Successful Android App Developer ?

Start by identifying the core problem that you are solving for the user. Figure out one scenario where the customer is using your app on his/her phone and elaborate on what exactly would be better if the user had your app on their phones.
At Paytm we gave ourselves a goal to help a customer do their bill payments and recharges in under 10 seconds and that single principle guided the roadmap for our app.

2. What are basics that a newbie should know about Android development?

Your objective and the audience of  the app should be very well articulated and understood. Once you are in the shoes of your customer, the design decisions you will take will be optimal. Decisions like screen sizes, Android version compatibility should an outcome of this understanding not by following cookie-cutter guidelines. And as a newbie, you should also steer away from measuring downloads and spending on marketing right away too. Instead your focus should be on how early adopters are using your app.  Flurry and Universal Analytics from Google are great tools for the job.

3. What will be the future of Android Smartphone for you?
Android smartphones are getting cheaper by the day and hence it is moving towards taking pole position in handset penetration. Right now India has just 10% smartphones, US has 50% smartphones. So there is lot of scope for growth. I think we will have all the great features of a smartph ones in under $100 pricing. More phones means more mobile internet usage, gaming, video streaming, app usage. So future looks great.

4. What makes PAYTM android app stands different? and why?

We always focused on the product with the single dream of having a place in consumer’s heart. Our target was not only downloads but getting customer love via ratings, +1s, and above frequent, quick usage of our app. We focus a lot on the user expereince of the app as much as on performance of app. Once we have a great product, then it takes efficient marketing to reach the users to get it downloaded.

5. Share some stats about the great App Paytm ?
Paytm has over 1.3 million downloads on Android. It has been the No. 1 on Shopping list of Google Play for a long time now. Overall, it is in top 50 apps downloaded in India. On ios appstore, it was a editor’s pick last month and most downloaded Utilities app.
Many such Interview will be published under the Sunday Interview Series. Hope you all liked this interview and will surely post your views on the comment box below. Once again Thanx to Paytm CEO – Mr. Harinder Takhar.